Adl Bionatur Solutions Wins New Fermentation Client with Contract Revenues of 20 Million Euros

León, Spain, 02 December 2019 - ADL Bionatur Solutions (MAB: ADL), a company specialized in the research and development of health, cosmetic and beauty products, services and industrial fermentation production, today announced the signing of a new contract with a leading Swiss biotechnology company for the production of two novel products. The contract, which has an initial duration of 7 years, utilizes ADL's expertise in technology transfer and upscaling and includes the industrial-scale supply of two innovative ingredients for use in cosmetics and nutrition products. Related revenues total an estimated EUR 20 million over the duration of the contract. 

Specializing in multi-product fermentation 

This agreement further strengthens ADL's position as a strong European player in fermentation, with renowned expertise in scale-up and industrial-scale supply of fermented products. Longterm partnerships reflect the reliability and trust in ADL as an international partner of choice for the development and delivery of novel products by innovative processes such as multi-product fermentation. 

"This 7-year contract with our new Swiss client nicely demonstrates the reliability and reputation of ADL in the fermentation industry as well as our flexibility and specialization in novel techniques. Innovation and growth are the main value drivers for ADL, and we are confident that our business plan, reinforced in August with the Kartesia financing, will guide ADL to profitability and sustainable success,” said Pilar de la Huerta, CEO of ADL Bionatur Solutions. 

Both companies agreed to immediately initiate the technology transfer for the first product and expect the transfer to be completed in the beginning of 2020. Scale-up and industrial-scale production activities will start afterwards. 

The agreementsupports the strong growth of ADL's CMO (contract manufacturing organization) business division, which accounted for 71% of total revenues for the first half of 2019. For the next two years, over 85% of available fermentation capacity has already been committed, a clear indicator of the Company's continued strong growth potential and business strategy. The CMO services are carried out at ADL's site in León, Spain, the largest fermentation facility in southern Europe available to third parties, with a current capacity of 2,400 m3 . ADL is one of the main suppliers of innovative products manufactured by fermentation for several multinational companies. 

About ADL Bionatur Solutions 

ADL Bionatur Solutions (MAB: ADL) is a company specialized in biopharma manufacturing plus research and development of health, cosmetic and beauty products, services and industrial fermentation production. The Company, which owns the largest fermentation production plant in Southern Europe, carries out high value-added product development, scale-up and production for third parties. International healthcare companies, as well as first-in-class academic and industrial laboratories mainly from Europe and the US, are part of ADL's customer base. The biopharma manufacturing business is complemented by a research and development division, which is developing a proprietary product pipeline in animal and human health. ADL is listed on the MAB, Spain's Alternative Stock Market (ISIN ES0184980003), and its major shareholder is the investment fund Black Toro Capital, holding 71%. More information is available at or follow us on Twitter @adlbionatur and LinkedIn.