Autotelic, "Clinical Supply Contract" for IL-2'Proleukin' with Clinigen

Contracted with British pharmaceutical company Clinigen to supply IL-2 drug'proleukin'..."Phase 1b clinical trial in combination with oligonucleotide TGFβ2"

Autotelic Bio announced on the 14th that it has signed a contract for a clinical trial of a new anticancer drug with the UK global pharmaceutical company Clinigen Group for the new immune-targeted anticancer drug'ATB-301' under development.

Through this contract, Clinizen decided to supply the global brand name Proleukin® (Aldesleukin) IL-2 for various clinical trials of Autotelic Bio. The detailed contract structure was not disclosed.

Autotelic Bio is expected to enter the domestic clinical trial phase 1b of'ATB-301', a new immune targeting drug, in the first half of this year through a contract with Clinigen. ATB301 is a therapy in which an oligonucleotide that inhibits TGF-β2, which is important for immune evasion mechanisms of cancer cells, and an interleukin-2 (IL-2) drug that activates T-cells, are administered in combination. Autotelic Bio calls this a new immune target dual action anticancer drug (Immuno-Target Dual Action Onco-therapeutic), and expects synergy with anticancer effects through the two mechanisms.

Tae-Hoon Kim, CEO of Autotelic Bio, said, "We will make efforts to successfully complete phase 1b clinical trial of ATB-301 by signing a contract for clinical trials with Clinigen."

Meanwhile, Autotelic Bio attracted 3 billion won worth of strategic investment (SI) from domestic pharmaceutical companies such as ST Pharm and Jeil Pharm last month, and secured a total of 13 billion won, combined with Series A. Autotelic plans to invest in Series B in the third quarter of this year.