CHA Biotech's Subsidiary Matica Bio Wins US Gene Therapy CDMO Order

CHA Biotech is accelerating its cell and gene therapy contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) business.

Yoon-Jeong Song, CEO of Matica Biotechnology, recently met with reporters at Bio USA held in San Diego, USA and said, “After the completion of the US plant last month, we received a CDMO contract from a US gene therapy company. said.

Mattica Bio is a subsidiary of CHA Biotech. Matica Bio completed the construction of a 4,200 m² (1,300 pyeong) cell/gene therapy CDMO facility in College Station, Texas, USA in May. It is equipped with a 500-liter capacity cell incubator (bioreactor) and a manufacturing facility based on excellent pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control (cGMP) in advanced countries.

Maticabio will produce and supply viral vectors such as lentiviral vectors and adeno-associated virus vectors here. A viral vector is a key raw material for cell and gene therapy development by inserting a therapeutic gene into a harmless virus and delivering it. In addition to viral vectors, it also provides development and production services for cell and gene therapy products.

Mattica Bio did not disclose the details of the contract with the customer, such as the amount of supply. However, it is noteworthy whether the business will grow in anticipation of not only this contract but also the possibility of receiving additional orders.

Cell and gene therapy are considered next-generation biopharmaceuticals. The CDMO market for cell and gene therapy is also expected to grow from KRW 2 trillion in 2019 to KRW 12 trillion in 2026.

Matica Bio is composed of local experts with experience in carrying out 250 vector production projects in global gene therapy companies such as Lonza, Fuji, and Charles River. In addition, it is developing automation technology for pharmaceutical process analysis with Satorius, a company specializing in bioprocessing.

Mattica Bio set up a standalone booth at Bio USA and met with several pharmaceutical companies and biotech customers to promote cell and gene therapy development consulting, contract negotiations, R&D cooperation and investment partnerships.

CEO Song said, “As the investment in the bio industry is stagnant, companies that were trying to set up their own GMP manufacturing facilities are turning to outsourcing as an opportunity. We plan to secure competitiveness in the CDMO market in North America, Europe, and Asia by combining our market CDMO business technology and experience,” he said.

After graduating from Seoul National University College of Medicine and obtaining a medical professional qualification in the United States, Song Yun-jung studied immunology while attending the National Institutes of Health (NIH) rheumatology full-time course. She later worked at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology where she was in charge of biopharmaceutical development. She went through Sanofi, Immune-On-Sia and last April she joined Matica Bio.

By Jeong Hyeon-jeong [email protected]