Camostat Speeds up Global Clinical Trials' Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Institut Pasteur Korea, Korea Institute of Atomic Energy, and Mexican Researchers Started Clinical Trials

Daewoong Pharmaceutical (CEO Seung-ho Jeon) is the first overseas researcher to enter a phase 2 clinical trial in Mexico for'Hoystar tablet (ingredient name chamostatmesylate)', which is being developed as a COVID-19 treatment. Starting with this Mexican researcher's clinical trial, it plans to conduct clinical trials in various countries in need of COVID-19 treatment to verify the effectiveness of Hoystar.

This is a phase 2 clinical trial led by researchers centered on the National Institute of Medicine and Nutrition in Salvador, Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán (INCMNSZ), Director General: David Kershenobich). It is conducted for 40 days, including the observation period, by dividing 180 outpatients with mild or moderate Corona 19 into two groups. Group A (90 patients) was orally administered chamostat for 14 days, and group B (90 patients) administered a placebo group of chamostat to compare and evaluate clinical symptom relief.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical signed a joint research agreement with Pasteur Korea Research Institute (Director Wang-sik Ryu) and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (President Misuk Kim) on August 19th for smooth clinical trials for overseas researchers. Daewoong Pharmaceutical supplies drugs necessary for clinical trials and supports overseas clinical trial approval. Institut Pasteur Korea cooperates with the establishment and operation of overseas clinical development networks, while the Korea Institute of Atomic Energy cooperates with the development of clinical protocols.

Seung-ho Jeon, president of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, said, “We are looking forward to accelerating the development of Hoystar tablets as a global COVID-19 treatment, starting with this clinical trial by a Mexican researcher. "We will focus our capabilities to accelerate the process and provide various treatment options to all Corona19 patients."

Ryu Wang-shik, director of Pasteur Korea Research Institute, said, “Based on close communication with the Mexican Embassy in Korea, we are actively cooperating with clinical experts at the National Institute of Medicine and Nutrition in Salvador. We hope that clinical development can be promoted smoothly and contribute to the treatment of COVID-19 patients.”

Daewoong Pharmaceutical was approved for a phase 2 clinical trial from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on July 6 to develop Hoystar Tablet, a treatment for reflux esophagitis after a chronic pancreatitis and gastrectomy, as a treatment for COVID-19. Hoy Star Tablet is a drug produced by Daewoong Pharmaceutical, which is based on Camostat, and is commercially available, and it is expected to develop a therapeutic agent with a sense of speed as it has entered phase 2 clinical trials.