Complete Healthcare Management Releases Study on ViiV Healthcare's Dolutegravir Patent

DALLAS, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Complete Healthcare Management Corp. (CHM), released a study on ViiV Healthcare's U.S. Patent No. 8,129,385 directed to ViiV's anti-HIV drug, dolutegravir. The study was prepared for CHM by the research group at International Patent Reviews, LLC (IPR). A copy of the study can be found at IPR's website.

CHM has championed and supported improved access to healthcare and reduced costs with a specific focus on those most vulnerable. CHM created a non-profit rural health system to help ensure ongoing access for health care to tens of thousands of patients, and, more recently, helped develop a Medicare Advantage plan which cares for a disproportionately underserved population. Now, CHM is focused on pharmacy spend. CHM thinks it can help to control runaway pharmaceutical costs by attempting to shed light on those patents supporting very expensive drugs and that may be overly broad or have been artificially extended beyond their original lifetimes. One of the avenues that they have chosen to follow is to present their findings to the public, either through the filing of public court documents or by releasing the data directly to other interested third parties, in order to help eliminate flawed patents.

IPR has developed a comprehensive and multifaceted process for identifying pharmaceutical patent filings that have taken advantage of the patent system. The primary patent for dolutegravir was filed in April of 2006 and is based on technology centered around inhibition of HIV integrase, an enzyme necessary for HIV infections. According to Dr. R.L. Smith of IPR, "At the time of the filing, dozens of compounds were known that inhibited HIV integrase. Not only were several HIV integrase inhibitors already developed, but many also had the same or similar structural components as ViiV's dolutegravir. We think that the compound that was eventually approved as dolutegravir was actually already evident in the prior art when the '385 was filed. We have presented our best arguments in this report."

CHM President Ethan Lipkind said, "We hope that other pharmaceutical companies or interested parties will be able to leverage this information to possibly produce cheaper generic versions of this drug and to bring down the overall cost of HIV treatment for our customers and patients."

SOURCE International Patent Reviews, LLC