Dean Diagnostics and Roche Diagnostics Signed a Contract at the CIIE

Dean Diagnostics CEO Huang Baixing and Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Vice President Chen Xianglin signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Su Changcong, First Inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, Gong Yuanchang, Deputy Director and First Inspector of Zhejiang Medical Security Bureau, Zhang Shuming, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Miao Wenbin, Party Leadership Member and Chief Engineer of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, etc. Leaders witnessed on site.

In an interview with reporters on site, Huang Boxing stated that Dean Diagnostics' intention to purchase this year will reach 200 million yuan, including Roche's in vitro diagnostics, biochemical immunization, and instrument reagents. "This amount is the same as last year. The equipment purchased will be mainly used for large-scale sample testing. Zhejiang is a major medical province, and our demand is great."

Ma Xiaoyi, Director of Public Affairs of Dean Diagnostics, said that Dean Diagnostics is determined to allow Chinese people to enjoy the most advanced and cost-effective medical services. This signing is not only a simple international cooperative procurement, but also the introduction of international advanced technology and the drainage of high-end technology.

The scene of the Zhejiang International Medical Supplies Intentional Procurement Signing Conference

The Zhejiang International Medical Supplies Intentional Purchasing Signing Conference was jointly organized by Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, Zhejiang Medical Security Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology. The on-site focus was on imported drugs, imported medical consumables, and imported large-scale Medical equipment, etc. signed the intention to sign the contract, with a total intention to purchase a total of 10.7085 billion yuan, a slight increase over the previous year, ranking among the forefront of the province's trading groups.

Su Changcong, the first-level inspector of the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, pointed out in his speech that Zhejiang is a major foreign trade and foreign capital province and a major purchaser of imported pharmaceutical consumables and imported medical equipment. It is hoped that major imported pharmaceutical companies and domestic medical units will be enlightened. With an open mind, a pragmatic and enterprising spirit, and a commitment to trustworthiness, more extensive and effective communication and cooperation will be carried out so that the fruitful results of the CIIE will benefit more of the 60 million people in the province.

Group photo of the signing parties

As a pioneer in the third-party diagnostics industry in China, Dean Diagnostics is committed to providing customers with "integrated medical diagnostic service solutions". Currently, it has deployed 40 chain laboratories across the country, providing more than 20,000 medical institutions and 250 million people across the country. Services; Actively reach strategic cooperation with international leading medical companies, professional colleges, and scientific research institutions to introduce precision diagnosis and treatment technologies such as biological mass spectrometry, metabolomics, and gene sequencing into China; in the new crown war epidemic, Dean Diagnostics takes professional responsibility , Assisting in the screening of people in isolation, medical treatment, immigration, resumption of work, and resumption of school, and the cumulative number of new crown tests has exceeded 21 million.

In the future, Dean Diagnostics will follow the "14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Vision" as the guidance to allow international advanced medical services and medical equipment to benefit domestic people, and vigorously promote the health industry to upgrade to high-quality and diversified, comprehensive Promote the construction of a healthy China.