• Source : Press Release
  • Date : 2022-06-23
  • Companies : Exopharm Ltd

Expert View: Extracellular Vesicle Engineering: Optimising Nature's Non-Immunogenic, Drug Delivery Platform

We are pleased to announce that our Expert View article titled “Extracellular Vesicle Engineering: Optimising Nature's Non-Immunogenic, Drug Delivery Platform” has been published in ONdrugDelivery.

You can check out this Expert View article from Exopharm's Research and Innovation Manager, Dr Anna Cifuentes-Rius here . Dr Cifuentes-Rius discusses how to take advantage of EV's capacity to roam naturally throughout the body, leaping biological barriers and delivering a bioactive cargo to target cells to transform the way we treat diseases.


EVs are nano-sized lipid vesicles secreted from living cells and present in cell culture media and other biological fluids. EVs have evolved as the body's own system for safely delivering cargo – transferring RNAs, proteins and other bioactive small molecules, for example – from cell to cell, often in a targeted fashion. By harnessing their natural capabilities and modifying them as required using EV engineering techniques, EVs offer significant promise as a valuable addition to the current suite of nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery modalities. As such, EVs are attracting increased attention from the pharmaceutical industry.