Gemini Pharmaceuticals Finalizes Acquisition for the Sine-Off and Teldrin Brand OTC's from Hogil Pharmaceuticals

COMMACK, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Gemini Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is proud to announce the finalization of the acquisition for Sine-Off and Teldrin Brand OTC's from Hogil Pharmaceuticals. Sine-Off and Teldrin families of OTC Cough/Cold items are found on retail shelves throughout the United States and represent established brands which have long championed their non-PSE focus. Both brands have continued to gain acceptance with a wide customer base which are looking for safe efficacious products. The Sine-Off and Teldrin brands added more than 20 key retailers in 2010. The acquisition will allow Gemini to extend its retail presence in the cough and cold category which has undergone dramatic changes in the past few years. Gemini is committed to increasing its distribution of OTC/Cough & Cold remedies and will be supporting the brands with targeted advertising in 2011.
Michael Finamore, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gemini Pharmaceuticals states “the addition of the Sine-Off and Teldrin families to our portfolio significantly expands our presence in the cough & cold category, and also adds to the varied products and services we can provide to our retail and chain–drug customers.”

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