Important Resolutions of the Company is 2022 General Shareholders Meeting

1.Date of the shareholders' meeting: 2022/05/25

2.Important resolutions I.Profit distribution/deficit compensation: Acknowledgment of the 2021 Earnings Distribution

3.Important resolutions II.Amendments of the company charter: N/A

4.Important resolutions III.Business report and financial statements: Acknowledgment of the 2021 Business report and financial statements

5.Important resolutions IV.Election for directors and supervisors: By-election for an independent director.
The list of person elected as below: Independent Director: Yaw-Bin, Huang

6.Important resolutions V.Other matters:
(1)Approval of amendments to the Company's ”Procedures for Election of Directors”
(2)Approval of amendments to the Company's ”Procedures for Asset Acquisition & Disposal”

7.Any other matters that need to be specified:None.