• Source : Globenewswire
  • Date : 2019-08-13

Kane Biotech Announces Share Purchase by CEO, Exercise of Warrants, Reimbursement of Insider Advances and Extension of Loan

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Aug. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kane Biotech Inc. (TSX-V:KNE), (the “Corporation” or “Kane Biotech”), a biotechnology company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of technologies and products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms, today announced multiple advancements that will have a positive impact on both their shareholder and capital structure.

Marc Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of Kane Biotech, acquired 175,000 shares of Kane Biotech stock on the open market August 8, 2019 at an average price of 14.21 cents per share, bringing his total holdings to 2,028,000 shares. In addition, on July 17, 3.5 million share purchase warrants were exercised by a related party, for a total value of $280,000. The Corporation has also recently reimbursed $1.05 million of cash advances back to insiders and extended the expiry date of its $500,000 loan from Individual Investment Corporation to January 17, 2020.

“I continue to believe that Kane is a great investment” stated Marc Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of Kane. “We are in a great position to execute on our strategy and accelerate growth, and we have achieved a number of significant milestones that I do not believe have been fully reflected in the stock price.”

“I am pleased with our improved balance sheet and increased market capitalization of late,” stated Ray Dupuis, Chief Financial Officer of Kane Biotech. “Our entire team is dedicated to expanding our Animal Health portfolio and developing Human Health products for commercialization, and our improved cash position will enable us to carry on with these activities and continue to increase shareholder value.” 

No additional consideration is required by the Corporation in connection with this loan extension other than a small renewal fee and the continuation of regular interest payments.

About Kane Biotech

Kane Biotech is a biotechnology company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of technologies and products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms. The Corporation has a portfolio of biotechnologies, intellectual property (56 patents and patents pending, trade secrets and trademarks) and products developed by the Corporation's own biofilm research expertise and acquired from leading research institutions. StrixNB(TM), DispersinB(R), Aledex(R), bluestem(TM), AloSera(TM), coactiv+(TM) and Kane(R) are trademarks of Kane Biotech Inc. The Corporation is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "KNE".

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