Launched Design and Synthesis Service for Highly Active Gapmer-Type Antisense Sequences

Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd. (Head office: Sapporo, Hokkaido, HSS) and Veritas In Silico Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, VIS) signed a business alliance agreement for antisense design and synthesis services. The service will be available from July 2019.

Nucleic acid drugs have been launched on the market in recent years, and development is progressing actively in Japan and overseas. The reason for this is that the development of chemical modifications to nucleic acids and DDS technology enabled the creation of highly stable and highly effective candidates.
 VIS, which has its own nucleic acid structure analysis technology, and HSS, which has more than 30 years of nucleic acid synthesis, have formed a business alliance to design and synthesize a gapmer-type antisense with a cross-linked nucleic acid at the end of an oligo. By providing services in a centralized manner, we have established a system that can meet the needs of customers involved in the research and development of nucleic acid drugs.

■ Outline of array design
VIS finds that the rate-limiting step in the mRNA-to-protein translation knockdown event involving gapmer-type antisense is the step of antisense antisense binding. Furthermore, as a method of lowering the transition state to accelerate the binding step, we have confirmed that it is effective to target unstable sites on mRNA as an antisense target. Based on these findings, we analyze the structure with a high probability of existence in the target mRNA, and design the antisense so that it becomes a complementary strand. It will be provided through an alliance with HSS.

■ Service Overview
・ Antisense sequence design is performed by VIS (approximately 2 weeks), and oligo synthesis is performed by HSS (30: about 16 business days).
 ・ When using the service, please understand that the intellectual property rights of the design layout belong to you and VIS.
  (The design layout will not be disclosed by HSS.)
 ・ In principle, the service will start after the contract between VIS and your organization is signed.
 ・ For companies, we will ask you to make a separate contract.

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