Lovelace Biomedical Provides Research to Find New Formulation for Lung Cancer Treatment

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Lovelace Biomedical, in collaboration with Lonza, has developed and advanced a novel formulation of 5-azacytidine for inhaled treatment of lung cancer. Recent pharmacokinetic and pharmacology research showed the inhaled 5-AZA dry powder formulation had a significant advantage for inhalation delivery (compared with systemic administration) in the rat model of epigenetic treatment of lung cancer.

This work has recently been published in the British Journal of Cancer, and is being presented this December at Drug Delivery to the Lung, in Edinburgh ( 

"Lung cancer is a devastating disease with current standard of care only providing modest improvement for patients. The advanced approach of delivery to the lung with a novel and patented formulation that also enters the blood for delivery to other tissues improves the potential of applying epigenetic therapy to treat lung and accompanying metastatic disease," indicates Dr. Steve Belinsky, the lead scientist on the publication.

About Lovelace Biomedical
Lovelace Biomedical is a non-profit contract research organization that conducts basic and translational health effects research, while also helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies advance their complex drug development studies from the preclinical stage, and on to clinical trials. Lovelace Biomedical advances human health through research into causes and cures of disease. For over 70 years, the organization has leveraged its multidisciplinary expertise in toxicology, gene therapy, neurological disorders, infectious disease, and medical countermeasures.

About Lonza
At Lonza, we combine technological innovation with world class manufacturing and process excellence. Together, these enable our customers to deliver their discoveries in the healthcare, preservation, and protection sectors.

 We are a preferred global partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. We work to prevent illness and promote a healthier world by enabling our customers to deliver innovative medicines that help treat or even cure a wide range of diseases. We also offer a broad range of microbial control solutions, which help to create and maintain a healthy environment.

Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today operates in 120 sites and offices in more than 35 countries. With approximately 15,500 full-time employees, we are built from high-performing teams and of individual employees who make a meaningful difference to our own business, as well as the communities in which we operate. The company generated sales of CHF 5.9 billion in 2019 with a CORE EBITDA of CHF 1.6 billion. Find out more at and follow us on Twitter @LonzaGroup or Facebook @LonzaGroupAG.

SOURCE Lovelace Biomedical

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