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  • Date : 2021-06-21
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Merck Foundation Announce 'More Than a Mother' and 'Mask Up With Care' Media Recognition Awards 2021 for Latin American Countries

BRASILIA, Brazil and MEXICO CITY, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Merck Foundation (, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany, announces the call for applications from the journalists in Latin American Countries for:

1) Merck Foundation Media Recognition Awards Latin America 'More Than a Mother' 2021: Applications are invited to Raising Awareness about Infertility Prevention, Breaking Infertility stigma, and Empowering Girls and Women through Education

Entries can be submitted till 30th August 2021

2) 'Mask up with Care' Media Recognition Awards 2021: Applications are invited to raise awareness on how to adapt best protection measures such as wearing your masks to show you care and love your family & community; to encourage your community to choose to vaccinate when it is available and to sensitize them to support healthcare workers who are at the forefront of COVID 19 pandemic.

Entries can be submitted till 30th September 2021

Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation, said, "After celebrating more than 15 winners for "Stay at Home" Media Awards 2020 from Latin American countries, we are all set to launch our new awards for the continent. Media today plays a critical role in enhancing awareness in public on critical issues. Hence, I would like to extend my invitation to participate and call for maximum number of applications from the media community present across Latin America."

The awards are open to all the journalists in Latin American Countries from Print, Online, Radio and Multimedia Platforms. More than one winner can be chosen from each category. The most creative and influential media work aiming to raise awareness and sensitizing communities on the topics, on a regular basis will be eligible to win these awards.

Entries can be submitted via email to: [email protected]

The Subject line of the mail should mention the name of the awards. Please specify your name, country, category of application, and contact details in the mail.

Categories and Prize Money for each group:

Sending multiple applications will increase the chances of winning the award.

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