• Source : Press Release
  • Date : 2018-06-12
  • Companies : SGS SA

New Lakes Charles Laboratory Opening

SGS is opening a new dedicated laboratory in the Lake Charles Louisiana area August 2018.

Located in a 3000 square foot building, over 1,200 square feet of the facility is dedicated to the new laboratory, with the rest allocated to operations and management. The building is in the process of renovation, with an expanded ventilation and fresh air system being installed for the lab.

The new Lake Charles laboratory will provide a selection of key testing capabilities selected to support local refining, chemical and products storage clients operating in the region.

SGS Lake Charles lab tests will include:

ASTM D-4294 Sulfur Analysis
ASTM D-381 Gums Analysis
ASTM D-86 Distillation Testing
NACE Corrosion Tests
ASTM D-445 Viscosity Testing
ASTM D-130 Copper Corrosion testing
ASTM D1319 FIA (Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption) Analysis
ASTM D-5191 RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure)
ASTM D-482 Ash Testing
ASTM D-95 Water in Petroleum Testing
ASTM D-97 Pour-point Analysis
ASTM D93 Flash-point Testing

Future plans for the laboratory include an expansion of testing capabilities, including octane engine testing, gas chromatography, and full-slate testing capabilities for gasoline, jet fuel and ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel). The Lake Charles lab is scheduled to open in August, 2018. The laboratory is supported by the extensive SGS USA laboratory network, including major laboratory locations in Beaumont-Port Arthur and New Orleans.

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For more information please contact Erik Holladay at [email protected], or call SGS at 281-479-7170.