One Health Company Collaborates With IDEXX to Expand Access to FidoCure Precision Medicine Platform

The FidoCure® Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test will be offered to veterinary customers served by IDEXX Reference Laboratories

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- One Health Company, a bio company bridging the gap between canine and human cancer precision medicine, today announced a collaboration with IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., a global leader in pet healthcare innovation. IDEXX Reference Laboratories will offer the FidoCure Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test to its veterinary customers in the United States and Canada later this month.

The collaboration, which expands IDEXX's cancer care management portfolio, further enables veterinarians to deliver personalized care to their cancer patients by expanding access to FidoCure's precision medicine platform.

Cancer care in dogs is a vast unmet need. There are roughly six million new cancer diagnoses in dogs each year, and approximately one in three dogs will develop cancer during their lifetime. Humans and dogs are both vulnerable to genetic mutations that can cause cancer to grow and spread and identifying these mutations through genetic sequencing enables personalized treatment and care. As with human Cancer Centers of Excellence, the One Health Company is addressing unmet cancer needs for dogs by offering streamlined access to genetic sequencing and targeted therapy.

Over 2,000 dogs diagnosed with cancer have used the FidoCure Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test. Based on the results, eligible dogs were offered individualized treatment options using targeted therapies approved by the FDA to treat humans. This collaboration will enable FidoCure, which already holds the largest proprietary canine cancer dataset in the world, to significantly expand this dataset and uncover new discoveries for the benefit of dogs and humans with cancer.

"We are tremendously excited to collaborate with a global leader in veterinary diagnostics to help bring our novel FidoCure Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test to even more veterinary clinics across the U.S. and Canada," said Christina Lopes, co-founder and CEO of One Health Company. "IDEXX's customer- and innovation-centric approach to veterinary diagnostics is an ideal complement to FidoCure's precision medicine platform."

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One Health Company is the first to bring the latest advances in human oncology - individualized, precision medicine - to dogs with cancer. We are a mission driven company that delivers the most sophisticated diagnostics and creates a tailored treatment plan for each dog. Our flagship product, FidoCure®, leverages what has been approved for human use, with additional data specific to canine cancer. With FidoCure, dogs with cancer receive access to the latest scientific advances in cancer care, from tests to treatment. FidoCure is backed by premier biotech investors including Polaris Ventures, A16Z, and YCombinator. Learn more at


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