• Source : Press Release
  • Date : 2021-02-22
  • Event type : Marketed
  • Companies : PCL Inc.

PCL, Corona 19 Antibody and Antigen Rapid Diagnosis Kit, Mutant Viruses Also High in Diagnosis Utility

PCL (CEO Kim So-yeon) announced that its antibody and antigen rapid diagnosis kit is useful in diagnosing
the COVID-19 mutant virus.
In January, at Charlotte Maxeke Johannnesburg Academic Hospital (CMJAH), a university hospital in South
Africa, samples of mutant virus patients from South Africa and the UK were tested with PCL Corona 19
antibody and antigen rapid diagnostic kit products. The test was organized by the South African
government and conducted more than 10 strains of virus samples.
As a result, all of the mutant viruses also had high diagnostic utility. In particular, as a result of three-week
follow-up of 5 mutant samples from South Africa, both PCL antibody and antigen rapid diagnostic kit
products were found to be useful in diagnosis.
Notably, PCL's rapid antigen diagnosis kit was able to detect the nucleocapsid site of the virus, which is
relatively less related to the mutation of the corona virus. This is expected to be of high utility not only for
mutant viruses from South Africa and England, but also for mutations that will occur in the future.
PCL is a domestic virus diagnosis company that has national core technology.
Recently, an additional 20 people have been infected with the corona 19 mutant virus in Korea. It is
expected that PCL antibodies and antigen rapid diagnostic kits will be used more often in a situation where
the mutation of the coronavirus will become more severe in the future.
Meanwhile, PCL has been continuously supplying the Corona 19 antigen test kit to Austria, Germany,
Portugal, Spain, and the UK since it was registered as a self-test product that allows personal use by the
Austrian government on January 27. It maintains a close relationship by regularly supplying Corona 19
antigen test kits to pharmaceutical companies. In particular, the Austrian government began distributing 5
pieces per family to the public, and the family pack is gaining much attention.