Payment of Support for All Employees

In the difficult business environment, Ajou Pharm was reorganized into a new personnel system and even in the emergency of Corona 19.

In order to maintain a healthy workplace, we provided support to all employees who participated.

Regarding payment of encouragement, CEO Tae-hoon Kim recently promoted the company through a message

Regarding the reorganization of the personnel system, active interest and interest in the performance management system that the company intends to pursue, regardless of whether or not it is personal

In spite of the appreciation and corona19 impact on the employees who supported them, all employees were able to follow the guidelines for prevention of infectious diseases.

It was encouraging for the employees who participated actively and helped Aju Pharm remain a healthy workplace.

According to the government and local governments' time to pay for disaster relief, 400,000 won per employee, including leave, is provided.

It was paid on the 7th of May, and I hope it helped the national economy and household a little.