Progentec Announces Research Collaboration With GSK to Assess Proteomics and Digital Health Tools for Lupus (SLE) Care

OKLAHOMA CITY, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Progentec, a leader in diagnostic and digital technologies for the proactive management of autoimmune diseases, announced today an 18-month collaborative research agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to evaluate novel measurement and management tools for systemic lupus erythematosus ("SLE" or "lupus").

At least 5 million people worldwide are living with lupus, one of the most complex autoimmune diseasesi. It's difficult to diagnose and even more challenging to treatii. The condition is associated with a range of debilitating symptoms that can fluctuate over time, including painful or swollen joints, extreme fatigue, unexplained fever, skin rashes, and organ damageii. Up to 50% of SLE patients experience irreversible organ damage within five years of diagnosis and this damage is associated with a poor long-term prognosis and early mortalityiii iv v

Patient-generated data, including data from wearable devices, is becoming an integral part of chronic disease care as it enables continuous monitoring of pertinent health signals both in and outside of the clinic. These signals increase in predictive value when combined with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and lupus-specific laboratory testing. The research agreement between Progentec and GSK supports two United States-based studies that will evaluate how new-to-market clinical tools, including proteomics and digital health, may help achieve a more proactive approach to lupus management.

  1. Study One will evaluate the impact of aisle™ MGMT on the clinical decision-making process. aiSLE™ MGMT is a comprehensive lupus management platform created by Progentec. The platform includes the aiSLE™ DX Flare Risk Index test, the [AutoimmuneCorner]™ patient app, a smartwatch, and access to lupus-specific health coaching. Clinicians receive the aiSLE™ MGMT clinical report each month which may support the delivery of personalized care and the prevention or reduction in severity of lupus flares.
  2. Study Two expands on the OASIS Study, a fully-decentralized clinical study launched by Progentec in 2020 and powered by Progentec's LupusCorner® Research platform. The OASIS Study explores how patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and data from a wearable device may contribute to the development of lupus-specific digital biomarkers and provide insight into changes in lupus disease activity. Learn more about the OASIS Study:

"For too long, precision medicine has been a buzzword when it comes to caring for Lupus Warriors," said Mohan Purushothaman, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Progentec. "This research has the potential to show how both immunological data and patient-generated data can support clinicians as they identify the optimal treatment for each lupus patient."

Both studies are scheduled to start in 2021, and the findings and results will be submitted as abstracts for presentation at scientific congresses and manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Learn more about using aiSLE™ MGMT by visiting

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Progentec is committed to improving access and health outcomes for patients with autoimmune diseases by combining clinically validated diagnostic interventions with state-of-the-art digital technologies. Through collaborations with research institutions and health practitioners around the world, Progentec is working to reduce mortality and morbidity while improving care management and service delivery for chronic health conditions. To learn more, please visit

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GSK is a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer. GSK is focused on transforming treatment for people with lupus, one of the most complex autoimmune diseases, building on decades of research with a long-term commitment to innovative science. For further information please visit

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