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  • Date : 2022-04-12
  • Event type : Phase 1
  • Companies : Tempus, Inc.

Pyramid Biosciences Announces TIME Trial Program Collaboration With Tempus for Patients With NTRK Fusion Solid Tumors

  • Collaboration will strengthen and amplify identification of patients with Neurotrophic Tyrosine Receptor Kinase (NTRK) fusion-positive solid tumors potentially eligible for ongoing PBI-200-101 Phase 1/2 clinical study
  • Pyramid Biosciences' pipeline is focused on clinical-stage precision medicines, including its lead program PBI-200, a next-generation, highly CNS penetrant tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) inhibitor for patients with NTRK fusion-driven cancers
  • Pyramid has joined Tempus' TIME Trial™ Network, which supports rapid patient identification, site activation, and enrollment of select clinical trials

WALTHAM, Mass., April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Pyramid Biosciences, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a portfolio of precision therapies targeting a range of serious diseases, today announced a collaboration with Tempus, a leader in artificial intelligence and precision medicine, to strengthen and amplify identification of potential patients with NTRK fusion-driven cancers for participation in the ongoing Phase 1/2 trial of Pyramid's lead oncology program PBI-200, a best-in-class, next-generation, highly CNS-penetrant TRK inhibitor (PBI-200-101).

"Our collaboration with Tempus and its TIME Trial Program allows us to further enhance our ability to precisely identify patients with NTRK fusion-positive tumors, particularly those with primary and metastatic CNS tumors," said Jordan Leef, Co-founder, and Chief Business Officer of Pyramid Biosciences. "Tempus' AI-enabled platform provides an indispensable, cutting-edge resource for advancing the development of our novel precision therapies such as PBI-200."

The TIME Trial Network is composed of providers and study sponsors with the shared goal of bringing clinical trials to communities across the country, offering patients access to novel, investigational therapies.

About PBI-200
PBI-200 is a novel, highly potent and selective inhibitor of TRK kinase, discovered and developed by Pyramid to overcome a wide range of on-target resistance mutations that have been described with first-generation TRK inhibitors. In addition, preclinical studies have shown that PBI-200 achieves high levels of penetration into brain, which translated into superior efficacy in intracranial xenograft models compared to other TRK inhibitors, as well as a favorable safety profile.

The global Phase 1/2 trial of PBI-200 (PBI-200-101) is a multicenter, open-label study in subjects with NTRK fusion-positive advanced or metastatic tumors including primary and metastatic CNS tumors. The trial consists of a dose-escalation phase, followed by a multicohort expansion at the recommended Phase 2 dose. Additional information can be found at: (NCT04901806).

About Pyramid Biosciences Inc.
Founded in 2015, Pyramid Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to developing a portfolio of precision therapies targeting a targeting a range of serious diseases. Pyramid is currently in clinical development of two highly selective tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) inhibitors. For more information, please visit:

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