Reig Jofre Launches a New Hospital Medicine in Spain and Europe for the Treatment of Narcolepsy

Barcelona(Spain), March 10, 2020, Reig Jofre, a pharmaceutical company listed on the Spanish continuous market, has recently launched Sodium Oxybate500 mg/ml oral solution EFG, oral solution for hospital use developed by the R&D team from Barcelona plant,indicated in the treatment of narcolepsy with cataplexy in adult patients.

Reig Jofre begins marketing this hospital medicine through its own sales teams in Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and France, markets in which it expects to reach a significant position. The company will also market this medicine in the rest of the European markets thanks to its extensive network of business partners.

The specialization in pharmaceutical products for hospital use belonging to the area of pharmaceutical technologies, mostly developed by the R&D teams of the Barcelona plant, together with penicillin-derived antibiotics produced in Toledo plants, has been the spearhead of the internationalization of the listed Reig Jofre.