Roche Diagnostic Launches QC System for Hospitals' Blood Glucose Tests

Roche Diagnostics Korea said Monday that it has launched Accu-Chek Quest, an internal quality control system for on-site blood glucose tests for hospitals.

Roche Diagnostics Korea said Monday that it has launched Accu-Chek Quest, an internal quality control system for blood glucose tests of patients.

The system provides a quality-control solution for health experts, including doctors, nurses, and medical laboratory technicians.

The point of care test (POCT) providers can confirm patient's information at once through Accu-Chek Quest, which allows them to find the problem quickly and easily access quality control data of blood glucose meters in the hospital.

Accu-chek Quest improves management standards by helping hospital POCT managers follow up when it identifies problems. It also provides the necessary information to assist hospitals in improving their work efficiency.

According to the company, health providers can make appropriate treatment options for patients based on the accurate blood glucose level of patients.

Controlling blood glucose levels affects the mortality rate of inpatients. Hyperglycemia is a common symptom in patients admitted to medical intensive care units (MICU), and it can be a predictor of negative outcomes. The significance of a reliable internal quality control system is quite high in medical facilities as severe hypoglycemia could increase mortality.

The blood glucose test is one of the most widely performed POCT that helps medical staff make quick treatment decisions. However, it is very difficult to perform robust quality verification because blood glucose measurement devices are used in various wards, Roche Diagnostics said.

The company has installed Accu-chek Quest for Sangju Red Cross Hospital and Haeundae Bumin Hospital system.

General hospitals with 100 to 200 sickbeds feel it financially burdensome to buy large-sized POCT equipment. However, they can install Accu-Chek Quest at a relatively efficient cost, the company said.

“Accu-Chek blood glucose meter and Accu-Chek Quest will be widely used in hospitals for POCT to support accurate blood glucose measurement and quality control,” said Kim Ju-hyun, executive director of Diabetes Care Unit at Roche Diagnostics Korea. “We will provide our new solution for more hospitals.”