• Source : Press Release
  • Date : 2022-04-04
  • Event type : Marketed
  • Companies : UCB Pharma S.A.

SK Chemicals to Co-Market UCB's Epilepsy Treatment

SK Chemicals said that it has signed a joint sales contract with UCB Korea for the latter's epilepsy treatment Keppra lineup (ingredient name: levetiracetam).

Under the accord, UCB Korea will sell to top-tier and some general hospitals, and SK Chemicals will conduct marketing for other general hospitals and small and medium-sized hospitals.

The target items will include three types of Keppra Tab., two types of Keppra XR Tab., and one type of Keppra solution and injection.

"Keppra is positively impacting the treatment and life of many epilepsy patients in Korea based on its long-proven efficacy and safety," UCB Korea Country Manager Hwang Su-jin said. "Through SK Chemicals' long-standing know-how and capabilities in the epilepsy field, more epilepsy patients can expect better treatment effects."

SK Chemicals' strategy is to create synergies with existing epilepsy treatments Qudexy and Vimsk through the joint sale of Keppra, a company executive said.

"Keppra, Qudexy, and Vimsk have different pharmacological mechanisms so that hospitals can prescribe them for various cases," said Kim Jeong-hoon, head of SK Chemicals Pharma and R & R&D Division. "Based on a wider product portfolio, the company will solidify its central nervous system drug market position."

According to SK Chemicals, Keppra is a second-generation epilepsy treatment released in Korea in 2007 that controls seizures by combining with synaptic vesicle protein as the product with the largest market share in Korea.