SK Biopharmaceuticals Announces Social Value Performance for 2021

Social contribution driven by cenobamate enhances ESG performance and sustainability

Social value creation expected to increase as SK Biopharmaceuticals expands patient care

Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province, Korea, May 25, 2022 – SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., an innovative global pharmaceutical company, announced its first performance from social value (SV) activities carried out through its key business operations in 2021.

The company said its SV measuring social, economic, and environmental impact reached 152.1 billion Korean won (KRW) in total as of the end of last year.

The SV is one of key metrics used by SK Group and its affiliates, including SK Biopharmaceuticals that have been enhancing ESG management for environmental, social and business sustainability.

More than 70 percent of the total – or KRW 111 billion – had been achieved mainly from social contribution, driven by cenobamate, the company's anti-seizure medication. Cenobamate attributed about 98% to its social contribution – or KRW 109 billion – after analyzing and computing patients' health care cost reduction, productivity gains, and improved quality of life.

The quantitative measurement for social contribution took into account how much positive impact the company had made on the community through charitable services, as well as on its partners via collaboration.

SK Biopharmaceuticals also generated KRW 41.3 billion from its economic contribution to job creation and tax payments.

The company's SV measuring environmental impact stood in negative territory, losing KRW 160 million. Given SK Biopharmaceuticals does not own a manufacturing facility or an office building, its influence on combating climate change had been small.

SK Biopharmaceuticals said it will achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 through the adoption of eco-friendly energy sources and technologies, in line with SK Group's commitment to reducing 200 million tons of carbon emissions across its businesses by 2030.

SK Biopharmaceuticals' SV is expected to further increase this year as it has been expanding patient care. As the first Korean company to join Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiatives, the company has also been pushing to promote sound and responsible supply chain management practices.

“We will remain committed to addressing and solving social, economic, and environmental problems as SK Biopharmaceuticals continues to carry out its core mission for the patients and communities worldwide,” said Jeong-Woo Cho, PhD, President and CEO of SK Biopharmaceuticals.

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