Shanghai Nearshore Technology Co., Ltd. Won the Second Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award

On May 25th, Beijing time, the Shanghai China website announced the "Decision of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Recognizing the 2020 Shanghai Science and Technology Award Winners (Projects)". According to the "Regulations of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Award", after the preliminary evaluation, re-evaluation and final evaluation by review experts and the approval of the Shanghai Science and Technology Award Committee, the municipal government has decided that a total of 281 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards (persons) will be awarded in 2020.

1. Grant Ge Junbo the Shanghai Science and Technology Meritorious Award.

2. Awarded the Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award to 10 people including Zhong Weimin, Feng Shijin, Xu Jinfu, Shen Hongbin, Tao Hu, Zhou Peng, Zhu Yiming, Wang Xinwei, Wang Xiaoan, and Sun Yuanhao.

3. 45 projects were awarded the Shanghai Natural Science Award. Among them, “the discovery of high-mobility semiconductor two-dimensional black phosphorus” and other 17 projects first prize; “large-scale mobile Internet of Things basic theories and methods” and other 26 projects second prize; “integrable structure and non-linear system The third prize of 2 projects including "discretization".

4. The Shanghai Technology Invention Award was awarded to 33 projects. Among them, the first prize of 16 projects including "Key Technology and Application of Beidou-3 Special Navigation Satellite Platform"; the second prize of 15 projects including "R&D and Application of Key Technology of Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analyzer"; The third prize of 2 projects including membrane separation technology and product development and industrialization.

5. Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award was awarded to 181 projects. Among them, "The research and application of the key technology of the fourth phase of Yangshan super-large automated container terminal" and "The technology and application of human visual understanding for complex scenes" are special prizes; "Innovative intelligent CT for major infectious public health emergencies" The first prize of 45 projects including “Solutions”; the second prize of 78 projects including the key technology and application of algae pollution prevention and control in urban water supply systems; the third prize of 56 projects including the research on comprehensive display technology and equipment of portable potential material evidence .

6. The Shanghai Science and Technology Popularization Award was awarded to 10 projects. Among them, the first prize of 5 projects including "Water-saving and drought-resistant rice science and education film"; and the second prize of 5 projects including the "Shanghai New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Science Popularization Work Package".

7. Awarded Bruce E. Reitman (American) the Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

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Among them, Shanghai Nearshore Technology Co., Ltd. is honored to have also won the second prize of the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (winning number: 20204112; project name: establishment and application of an efficient diagnostic system for the new coronavirus infection laboratory; main contributor: Fan Liying, Sui Guodong, Cheng Xunjia, Jiang Yongzhong, Tang Shaohua, Zhao Wang, Zong Ming, Guo Shengming, Zhu Huaxing , Chi Dali; Main units: Shanghai Dongfang Hospital (Tongji University Affiliated Dongfang Hospital), Fudan University, Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Wenzhou City Central Hospital, Shanghai Fosun Long March Medical Science Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nearshore Technology Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai Xingyao Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.; nominator: Shanghai Municipal Education Commission)

Here, the Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. thank coastal Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Government, thanked the honor granted by the State, Division I will certainly continue the efforts to create new achievements, carry forward the pragmatic and innovative spirit, and strive to achieve scientific Major technological breakthroughs have made greater contributions to Shanghai's acceleration of the construction of a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.