Silvanol Product Stand in the Renovated Concept Store of the Sister Company Tonus Elast, Riga

We are pleased to be a manufacturer of medical flexible products, a sister of JSC Olainfarm Group company Tonus Elast -
opening a renovated concept store in Riga, Miera Street 55/57, where the Silvanols product stand has also housed its corner.
Such a concept for our products is the first and so far the only one in Riga, where it will be possible to purchase Silvanol products in person,
which are available not only in pharmacy networks, but with a special emphasis on the range of products available in the e-store.
In this way, offering store visitors, in addition to basic medical products, the purchase of vitamins and supplements that help improve well-being, quality of life and overall health during rehabilitation and postpartum.
We give the Tonus Elast team a horseshoe as a symbol of success and prosperity, strengthening our mutual cooperation.
Let it be!