Tae-Hoon Kim President, New CEO Inaugurated

On April 1, 2020, President Kim Tae-hoon took office as CEO of Ajou Pharmaceuticals.

Taehoon Kim, the new CEO, graduated from the University of Michigan, majoring in Cell Molecular Biology, and received an MBA from Dartmouth University in 2012.

Since then, he joined Ajou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as the vice president in 2014 after his global work experience at Genentech, a world-class bio company.

As a leading company, it has contributed not only to the external growth of the company but also to the establishment of a healthy corporate culture.

On April 7, on behalf of executives and managers, on the theme of “High Performance Climate Reform and Management's Role” (Dr. Hyun-Kwan Shin) as a substitute for the inaugural and inauguration event

The lecture was held, and after the lecture was completed, there was a CEO Kim Jung-Gil, CEO Lee Im-sa, and President Kim Tae-hoon.

CEO Tae-hoon Kim, Former CEO Kim Jung-gil, who has provided employees with the foundation for growth as a representative director for the past 37 years.

We conveyed our gratitude and respect, and the management environment was very difficult with Corona 19, but with the power of all employees

We asked the crisis to be an opportunity and to build a sustainable company together.