Tesis Labs to Provide Genetic Testing Services for Premier Health ACO With Operations Throughout Georgia

Early detection of chronic, hereditary conditions will enable population health management

PHOENIX, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Tesis Labs, the leader in targeted genetic sequencing, announced it has been selected by Premier Health, an accountable care organization (ACO) serving communities in Georgia to provide clinicians and practices in the ACO with high-complexity molecular and next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing services for detecting chronic and hereditary conditions in patients.

With approximately 200 member providers practicing primary care, internal medicine and other specialties, Premier Health collectively treats tens of thousands of patients each year in central and western Kentucky and Georgia. While initial testing for Premier Health will be performed at the Tesis Labs facility in Lafayette, Colo., the company plans to eventually locate lab services at Premier sites in Georgia as part of a joint venture.

"Premier Health members already have demonstrated their drive to work together on improving population health in the communities they serve," said Ron King, CEO of Tesis Labs. "We're augmenting their clinical excellence and desire to collaborate by providing them with a powerful tool in our genetic testing that enhances their ability to practice preventative medicine."

Genetics and hereditary markers are playing an increasing role in preventative medicine. With earlier identification of disease markers, physicians, patients and families can make more informed prevention and treatment decisions regarding chronic and hereditary conditions such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. For example, NGS testing can reveal whether a person is likely to develop peripheral vascular disease or coronary artery disease. This type of knowledge allows clinicians to educate patients about lifestyle choices that can minimize the impact of hereditary conditions.

King said Premier Health will use Tesis Labs for cardiac and pulmonary testing, neonatal testing, carrier testing, and pharmacogenomics testing, which analyzes a patient's genetic predisposition to metabolizing drugs. This guides clinicians on which medications would work better than others for a specific individual.

ACOs are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers who come together voluntarily to deliver coordinated, high-quality care to their Medicare patients. The goal of an ACO is to ensure patients get the right care at the right time while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and averting medical errors. When ACOs succeed in providing high-quality care and spending healthcare dollars more wisely, members share in the savings achieved for the Medicare program. As of January 2021, there are 512 Medicare ACOs serving more than 12 million beneficiaries, according to the National Association of ACOs.

Tesis uses a genetically integrated medical platform for targeted genetic sequencing and comprehensive genetic data collection to fuel chronic disease management breakthroughs. In addition to the Lafayette lab, Tesis has testing facilities in Denver and Houston.

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About Tesis Labs
Tesis Labs' genetically integrated medical platform has revolutionized targeted genetic sequencing. Our mission is to change medicine by providing physicians, hospitals, and researchers with the tools to help patients treat and overcome major chronic conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's through advanced genetic testing. Tesis offers healthcare providers and physicians access to our unique genetic testing and precision medicine, enabling them to create personalized care plans for treating chronic diseases – individually and across generations. We also enable medical device companies and pharmaceuticals to bring new products to market and to create a robust repository of genetic data and research. Visit to learn more.

Premier Health Care Network, LLC
The Premier Health Care Network, LLC (Premier) is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) founded in 1994 in Atlanta, GA. Over the years, we have coordinated hundreds of thousands of patients through our agreements with third-party payers. We have received awards and bonuses for providing high-quality medical care in a cost-effective manner. Recently, in January 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) selected Premier to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (Shared Savings Program) Accountable Care Organization (ACO). We are one of a select group of independent physician groups to participate in this important program.

The Premier Health Care Network, LLC is committed to the Mission of working in partnership and cooperation with medical service providers to ensure that high quality medical and healthcare services are available to our local community and state. In addition to providing the highest quality services for a diverse population in a culturally sensitive manner and across a large metropolitan area, the network is dedicated to the cost-effective delivery of care coupled with superior customer service and experienced healthcare coordination.

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