The Proceeds from the Pink Ribbon Night Go to the SAKK Study 95/17

On September 21, 2019 the Pink Ribbon Night, presented by Estée Lauder, was held at Park Hyatt Zurich. The proceeds from this year's Pink Ribbon Night finance the SAKK Study 95/17 (WISE)

The aim of this study is to motivate patients at an early stage to take regular brisk walks so as to counter the occurrence of muscle and joint pain as well as other side effects, such as hot flushes and exhaustion. The study seeks to demonstrate that such physical exercise can help patients to better tolerate their drug therapy and have a lasting and beneficial effect on their lifestyle. It is hoped that the study results will show patients ways in which they can mitigate side effects themselves and positively influence the course of therapy.

Thank you for your vital contribution to the fight against cancer!