The Swedish Companies Registration Office Has Today Registered the Merger Between Aegirbio and Lifeassays

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has today registered the merger between Aegirbio AB (“Aegirbio”) and LifeAssays AB (publ) (“LifeAssays”). The merger between Aegirbio and LifeAssays has thus been completed and LifeAssays has been dissolved.
Through the registration, the merger has had final legal effect and all LifeAssay's assets and liabilities have been transferred to Aegirbio. The merged company retains the name Aegirbio AB and will continue to have its registered office in Lund.

In connection with the registration of the merger, the Swedish Companies Registration Office has today registered the issue of 1,734,287 new shares in Aegirbio as part of the total merger consideration of 4,859,287 shares in Aegirbio. Aegirbio thus has a total of 14,845,200 outstanding shares after the registration of the merger.

For each share in LifeAssays, approximately 0.0616 shares in Aegirbio are received. [1] LifeAssay's shareholders will provisionally receive shares in Aegirbio, ie. the merger consideration between 14-16 June 2021 and cash from the sale of fractions between 16-21 June 2021. Trading in Aegirbio's share takes place as usual and will not be affected by the merger process.

[1] The number of merger consideration shares, ie 4,859,287 divided by the number of outstanding shares in LifeAssays.

Aegirbio is a Swedish diagnostics company that was formed to offer tests to monitor and optimize the dosage of biological drugs via its unique patented technology platform. Biological drugs are the segment in the pharmaceutical industry where use is growing fastest - a quarter of all drugs are expected to be biological by 2020. At the same time, drug levels vary enormously (up to 100 times) in patients receiving standard doses of biological drugs.

"One size fits all" results in patients with low drug levels not responding to treatment, while excessive drug levels increase the risk of serious side effects. This dosing uncertainty in about 55% of cases leads to overdose or underdose, resulting in unnecessary costs, deficient results and a higher proportion of patients with severe side effects.

Through completed acquisitions, the Company has long-term secured access to key technologies and opened up new application areas. With these acquisitions, Aegirbio, based on laboratory tests, has in a short time added technologies and expertise to the Company to take the step towards the multi-diagnostic company that is the goal.

Aegirbio is now building its business around technologies for

Quick tests for indicative and fast results
Point of Need, quantitative home tests for chronic diseases
Point of Care, quantitative patient-centered tests for routine control at clinics and health centers
Laboratory tests for follow-up of patients undergoing treatment with biological drugs.
The acquisitions give the Company the tools to develop new diagnostics to make it possible and easy for people to monitor their health problems where the Company's ambition is, in addition to bringing innovative diagnostics technology to market, to make diagnostics more accessible, easier to use and provide accurate and easy transferable results.

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