• Source : Press Release
  • Date : 2021-12-21
  • Companies : Tosoh Corp.

Tosoh Develops Amine with Superior NOx Resistance for Use in CO2 Recovery

Tokyo, Japan—Tosoh Corporation has developed an amine with excellent resistance to nitrogen oxide (NOx). This high-performance amine can be used to recover carbon dioxide (CO2) from the exhaust gas generated when fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas, are combusted. Tosoh's new amine represents another step forward in the company's contribution to achieving a carbon-neutral society.

Moves toward decarbonization globally are accelerating and expected to raise demand for methods that reduce CO2 emissions. The chemical absorption method (fig. 1) is particularly suited for recovering CO2 from fossil fuel boilers, as it separates and recovers CO2 using an aqueous amine solution that selectively absorbs CO2.

The amine used in CO2 recovery, however, must be energy efficient and resistant to the degradation induced by the NOx and other substances in exhaust gas. Tosoh's newly developed amine is both energy efficient and highly NOx tolerant (fig. 2). As such, it is suited for the stable, long-term recovery of CO2 from a wide range of exhaust gases.

Tosoh will continue to optimize its amine for CO2 recovery at its demonstration test plant with the aim of its commercialization and will study how to utilize the recovered CO2. Such ongoing efforts will advance the company's amine business and its contributions to a carbon-neutral society.

Tosoh accepts the challenge of innovating to address issues related to climate change. The company taps its accumulated know-how and technologies to help realize a sustainable society.