• Source : Press Release
  • Date : 2018-01-11

United Crest Healthcare Signed a Deal to Provide Pathway's DNA Tests in Asia and Russia

Kuala Lumpur– United Crest Healthcare announced on December 18, 2017 that the Company has signed an agreement with Pathway Genomics to provide DNA tests across Asia. Pathway Genomics, based in San Diego California, is a CLIA & CAP accredited clinical laboratory, which specializes in genetic analysis. In addition to the ASEAN countries, the companies will also offer these services in China, Russia, and Taiwan.

As part of the strategic development of imedic™ Cloud Hospital eco-system, the Company is partnering with Pathway Genomics in offering personalized DNA tests as part of the imedic™ healthcare services to the patients through its partnering hospitals, doctors and patients.

The DNA tests are easily collected with buccal swab at home or at the nearest participating clinics to be sent to Pathway Genomics for processing. Results of the test will be available in 2-3 weeks on the mobile APP of imedic™ or online at

In recent years, genetic testing has been widely promoted by doctors as part of a wellness program or diagnosis in determining diseases more accurately. Pathway Genomics’ testing services cover a variety of conditions including somatic and hereditary cancer, cardiac health, carrier screening, diet and weight loss, as well as drug response for specific medications including those used in pain management and mental health. Families with history of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and hereditary diseases are generally encouraged to have the relevant DNA tests done for preventive purposes.

Quote from Michael Nova, chief innovation officer and co-founder said:

“We are excited to bring the leading DNA test services of Pathway to Asia. These advanced and affordable DNA tests will help millions of people to precisely identify their predisposed conditions and take the necessary measures to prevention and/or treatment.”

Kah Yee Eg, Founder and CEO of United Crest Healthcare added:

“The test results will be integrated into the digital medical record for analysis powered by the Artificial Intelligence capability of imedic™ platform.”

About United Crest Healthcare:

United Crest Healthcare is the leading mobile health platform developer and operator with its imedic™ Cloud Hospital used by thousands of doctors and patients in the US, Russia, China and other Asian countries. imedic™ is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and knowledge based technology for comprehensive analysis of users’ health data to produce timely and accurate health information.


About Pathway Genomics:

Founded in 2008, Pathway Genomics is a DNA testing company, which focuses on health and wellness. Based in San Diego, our CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory provides physicians and their patients in 40+ countries with accurate and actionable healthcare information. Pathway’s analysis in combination with IBM Watson, merges artificial intelligence and deep learning to provide users with the most precise and personalized health guides available. For more about Pathway Genomics, visit